Blood analysis available next week

  • Oct. 13, 2003 2:00 p.m.

Photo comparative blood analysis is coming to the islands. George Cheyne, formerly CEO of the QCI/HG Community Health Council, is coming here next week, bringing with him a powerful microscope to compare blood samples with normal blood and blood with known conditions or diseases.
“We work with the person and show them what it looks like,” Mr. Cheyne said, “We compare your blood to known problems and we can come up with a solution for the person to correct whatever appears.”
He says the microscope blows up red blood cells to checker size, and also says that if someone has a liver or a colon problem, it often lies at the root of their health problems, and will show up under the microscope. “Various diseases can be diagnosed, including cancer and leukemia,” he said.
Mr. Cheyne will be at the Premier in Queen Charlotte next Monday afternoon (Oct. 20) as well as the following Monday. He says the cost is normally $100, but he’ll do the examination for $50 for the first people who call. Appointments can be booked at 559-8415.