Burned out residents no longer welcome: Province

  • Nov. 5, 2010 1:00 p.m.

Residents of Hooterville whose structures were destroyed by fire in September are not welcome back to the Queen Charlotte waterfront area. Cheekwan Ho, a provincial spokesperson, says the province is monitoring the area and will take immediate action against individuals who attempt to reoccupy the site of their burnt homes. Ms Ho said the province continues to take steps to address the unauthorized occupancy in Bearskin Bay and is working cooperatively with officials at the Village of Queen Charlotte. “Further clean-up is planned in the near future for the sites in Bearskin Bay which no longer have residences on them. This includes the two structures which were destroyed by fire,” says Ms Ho. She adds, “The province has repeated to the remaining residents of Bearskin Bay that they remain in contravention of the Land Act and are required to cease their illegal occupancy.” Queen Charlotte chief administrative officer Bill Beamish said the village’s only involvement is that it were provided funds to clean up the sites once the area is declared vacant by the province. One site was cleaned up a couple of years ago with this funding and they will work with the province to cooperatively spend further clean up dollars when the province has done all they need to do to declare them vacant. “We take no position relative to the occupancy,” said Mr. Beamish.Copyright Haida Gwaii Observer 2010.