Burning ban continues. even though weather is cooler

  • Aug. 17, 2009 2:00 p.m.

Despite cooler and cloudier conditions, Haida Gwaii remained under an open burning ban Monday (Aug. 17) for the third week in a row. Forest officer Steve Reece said that while temperatures have cooled significantly from the record-breaking scorchers earlier this month, the burning ban will remain in place because the land is so parched. “We’ve had a little bit of a rain and it is a bit cooler, but it is still dry in the forest,” he said. “We will need a significant rain event before that changes.” The forest service did give out several tickets last week to people who had violated the ban and lit fires, Mr. Reece said. He also received a few reports of campfires which had been abandoned and left smouldering. The fire ban applies within BC Parks and to all public and private land outside of organized areas with their own fire bylaws. BC Parks is allowing campfires at Agate Beach and Misty Meadows campgrounds inside the fire rings, but no other fires are allowed in Naikoon Provincial Park, including beach fires.