Bylaw passes, despited objections from Sandspit

  • Mar. 22, 2013 4:00 p.m.

The Skeena-Queen Charlotte regional district has adopted a new bylaw that increases rezoning fees, over the objection of Moresby Island director Evan Putterill. Mr. Putterill, reflecting the opinion of the Moresby Island Management Committee, voted against the bylaw at every reading, saying that the higher fees could discourage development. “I still think the actual cost of the planning fees is prohibitive,” he said after the final vote March 15. “They may be a deterrent.” The new bylaw sets out procedures to amend land use policies and bylaw regulations as well as higher fees. Mr. Putterill said he had no problem with the new procedures. The new fees start at $900 for a change to either the official community plan or the zoning bylaw for basic residential use, or $1,200 for a change to both. If a public hearing is required, the owner will have to pay an additional $600. The fees rise to $1,350 for a change to either the OCP or the zoning involving residential use with three to six parcels or dwellings, with an additional $1,200 for a public hearing; and to $2,250 and up for non-residential use, depending on the size of the property. The applicant in all cases must also pay for any required signage and advertising.