Calendar competiton underway

  • Aug. 22, 2005 3:00 p.m.

The polls are closing soon. You only have until Wednesday (August 31) to vote for artwork that will be on next year’s Northern Savings calendar. Art by islanders Judy Hilgemann, Sheila Karrow, Dutes Dutheil, Debby Gardiner, Wayne Wilson, Robert Cross, Sylvia Young, Kayoko Daugert, Denis Bell, James McGuire, Kiki Van der Heiden, and Camille Collinson are in the running for a spot on the calendar.
The calendar will be given out for free, said NSCU’s Debbie McMillan, but people will be encouraged to give a donation for the credit union’s “Success by Six” program that focuses on early childhood development.
The prize for the artists is the exposure – the 2000 calendars will go to all the Northern Savings branches and also as far away as Kelowna. The artist’s piece will be published, along with their picture and biography.
There are displays set up at both the Queen Charlotte and Masset branches, so check it out, and vote, before the end of the month.