Calling all musicians

  • Sep. 6, 2004 6:00 p.m.

Submitted by Harmonie Rose Anne Blais-If you’re a musician who likes to perform, or would like to try performing or just enjoy live music, know that every weekend this opportunity arises!
For musicians there are two options: if you like to jam, Friday night is the one. Or if you’d like to practise performing in front of others instead of just at home, call to arrange a Saturday night performance. It’s a small-scale coffeehouse – living room atmosphere. Saturday night performers receive a commission. And free drinks (coffee, tea, smoothies) as well as food. There are organic snacks and sushi, and crepes and smoothies.
If you’re craving live music check out Harmonissa’s Crafts and Smoothies in Queen Charlotte, next to the hospital. 559-0050 for info or to book your weekend performance.