Canada Days results

  • Jul. 5, 2004 6:00 p.m.

By Pete Nelson-Smith-This column is dedicated to the organizers, volunteers, sponsors and most of the participants of the 2004 Port Clements Canada Days celebration on the weekend. The amount of time and effort put into the weekend amazes me and 99 percent of that time is volunteer. I must say that this year was by far the best year I’ve attended.
Friday night kicked off the festivities with the kids fishing derby sponsored and organized by Gas Plus. The biggest fin fish was won by Kris Nemanishen and Sarah Dutheil, the most fish won by Stephanie Johnson and Brandt Decock, the biggest non-fin fish by Kris Nemanishen, the most unusual by Stefan Prairie and the smallest fin fish by Andre Pelletier and Sarah Dutheil. The individual team winners were Yellow: Raina Fennell, Green: Manon Prairie, Blue: Nickolas Hageman, and Red: Brandt Decock. For the winning team (most fin fish): Green: Shawn Marrs, Stephanie Johnson, Jordyn Dean, Rachel Hageman, Manon Prairie, Raven Ryland, Stephanie Melney, Laurianne Melney and Graham Saunders.
Saturday morning saw the first pancake breakfast of both mornings put on by the Lion’s Club followed by the big parade. The winners of the parade are as follows: the best theme float: Port Elementary School, best commercial float: O’Brien’s, best non-commercial float: Miss Teen Haida Gwaii, most humorous float: Bayview Market, best theme volunteer float: Yakoun River Lions Club and the best dressed animal: Tlell 4 H -“Bo”. For best decorated bikes, wagons or strollers: 7 years old and younger, 1st place Josiah Fennell, 2nd place Manon Prairie, 3rd place Raina Fennell. 8-11 year olds 1st place Arthur Leach, 2nd place Claudia Ouellette, 3rd place Quinlan Fennell. Finally for 12 and older, 1st place Kris Nemanishen 2nd place Julie Moore and 3rd place Mercedes Ouellette.
While the parade was going on the first game of the two-day slow pitch tournament was starting. Competitors were Port’s own O’Brien’s team, Masset’s Mr.’s, Skidegate’s Game Loaded, Skidegate’s Clitterclams and Sandspit’s Lagers. Being on Port’s team myself, I have to give us an A for effort as we didn’t even know each other’s names as the first pitch was thrown. Despite our amazing losing streak we all had a great time and put out our best effort. Thanks to the subs that jumped in at the last minute to help us keep the games going. Congratulations to Clitterclams 9-7 victory over the Lagers in the final.
Also over both days was the soccer tournament. Port Clements defeated Sandspit in division 2 and Sandspit defeated Port Clements in a heart-stopping sudden death overtime for division 1. The coaches and organizers would like to give a special thanks to the volunteer refs and linesmen that made the whole weekend happen.
Saturday was a big day for both the kids and the adult logger sports. The Second Annual Kid’s Logger Sports was a great success. Kids aged 4-13 from each of the island communities competed for the title of Prince and Princess Logger. It was a beautiful bright day and there was a huge crowd to cheer on all the competitors. This was a very close competition and again, the judges had a difficult time deciding on the grand winners. Finally, Nicole Belcourt of Old Massett and Andy Cheney of Nadu Road were awarded the titles of Prince and Princess Logger. All competitors received a bag full of prizes, compliments of Weyerhaeuser. This year, to include the adults, prizes were also given out to the most enthusiastic cheerleaders (Jane Saunders wanted to call them “athletic supporters”), and in recognition of the adults’ desire to be included, we may offer a “Crummy Run” race just for parents and caregivers. Thank you Suki for that info.
The adult logger sports were just as exciting in their new venue. With too many events to list, and over 100 entrants, we crowned our King Logger Jesse Myles with a tie runner up Travis O’Brien and Alvin Bell. Our Queen Logger was Tara Sjolund with runner up Lori Wilson.
Also from Suki: The Family Fun Run was well attended with three times the number of participants than the previous year! Thirty-eight people attended. Family fun packs were awarded to all families who completed the five kilometre course and additional gifts went to families with three or more participants in the race. We also had stuff to give away to those who were the lone representative of their family in the run. This run was so much fun, Weyerhaeuser will sponsor a family river beach run/ walk on the morning of the Tlell Fall Fair. Get ready.
Finally, my personal favourite, the noisiest, smelliest, dirtiest event of Canada Days (no, not going in the public washroom): The Mud Bog! This was my first year actually participating in it and despite the apprehension of breaking something expensive, it was beyond description fun. I was the very first truck through and the muck was so thick this year I wasn’t sure I’d make it. I did, three times, but not enough speed to get me a prize. In stock trucks, Paul Hart won first and a trip for two to Vancouver, Rob Hitchcock second and $600 in tires, Eli Beachy third and a whole whack of tools. Modified class had Steve Slovak first, Dan Cilli second and JP Pineault third. Our honourable mention to Sam Roberge who thought he’d actually make it through! Thanks to TLC, Froese/Tap Logging, Charlotte Tire and Clint Beachy for sponsorship. An even bigger thanks to Rias Developments and Rob Hitchcock for the long machine hours he puts in to making this event what it is. And Darrel, Sam and Steve, for throwing me in the mud, sometime, somewhere when you’re least expecting itÂ…
And finally to the people that keep us in energy, thank you vendors for your belly filling food. Joe’s Fruit Truck, Tubby Dogs, D&J Cotton Candy, Valen’s Ice Cream, Rosie’s Bar-B-Q Kabobs, Port Clements Fire Department, Myles from Nowhere and Florida and Rogen’s Shish kabobs.
Congratulations to Lorette Smillie who celebrated the grand opening of her new store “Treasures in Time and My Favourite Finds” with a well-attended soiree Friday evening. Customers nibbled on delicious hors d’oeuvres and marvelled at the sumptuous interior, featuring pistachio green walls, white moulded columns and an embossed ceiling, as well as a select assortment of antiques. Port’s newest store is located right on Bayview Drive, just west of Bayview Market. Be sure to check it out. Congratulations again Lorette!
Once again thank you to everyone that made this happen, if I missed an event or a mention, let me know and I will add it into my next column and due to the amount of Canada Day information, birthdays and other events will resume next column.