Candidate promises to open local office

  • Apr. 24, 2009 11:00 a.m.

Liberal candidate Herb Pond says that as MLA, he’d open a satellite constituency office on the Islands. “People on the islands are dealing with enough issues of isolation. Isolation from government shouldn’t be one of them,” said Mr. Pond, shortly after campaigning on the islands.”I’ve been a regular on Haida Gwaii for many years. as a logger in the seventies, a repeat vacationer in the 80s and 90s and as a regional district director for the last half dozen years. I’ve seen the changes and am particularly impressed by the entrepreneurial spirit and strong leadership. But even good leaders need help,” he said. Mr. Pond believes establishing a permanent presence on Haida Gwaii will give leaders and community members better access to support.”Whether it’s pursuing economic development, health or education needs, improving ferry service or restoring airmail, to name just a few issues, having a physical presence on island connected directly to your representative in government will help us all deliver results,” Mr. Pond said.During the all-candidates forum in Port, Mr. Pond repeated his belief that voters don’t care about how hard politicians work, how many letters they write, or how many speeches they give.”People expect results,” he said. “That’s why I enjoy Haida Gwaii so much. I see the results of projects brought by First Nations and community leaders to the Regional District table for our help. Masset Hospital, Port Clements Multi-Purpose Building, and the Haida Heritage Center. Those are projects that matter, providing benefits that matter,” he said.