Car chase between Port and Masset

  • Jun. 22, 2005 3:00 p.m.

Masset police were involved in a high speed car chase on the weekend involving a stolen vehicle.
Just before midnight Friday, June 17 a newer model Dodge truck was stolen from Port Clements.
Constable Lysiane Brassard says two officers were on the highway after they were told the vehicle was spotted travelling between Port Clements and Masset.
The truck passed the officers about 10 kilometres south of Masset and would not stop, says Cst. Brassard.
A high speed chase in the direction of Port Clements ensued, leading to the driver of the vehicle to turn up a dead-end forestry road.
When the police, now assisted by a car from the Queen Charlotte detachment, reached the truck, it was parked and empty.
A search of the surrounding forest turned up no one.
Because of the dusty conditions of the gravel road, fingerprinting the vehicle was deemed useless.
The owner retrieved the truck from the forestry road. Police still have questions about why there was no damage to the ignition, even though the owner says no keys were missing.