Carcasses concern committee

  • Nov. 4, 2005 6:00 p.m.

By Heather Ramsay–Deer carcasses and other debris dumped on the side of roads around Queen Charlotte drew ire from management committee member Eric Ross.
He told committee members at the November 2 meeting that he had seen carcasses, yard waste and other garbage in every pull-out he passed on the Honna Road and the cut-off to the Yakoun mainline.
“People wonder why there are bears in town,” he said.
Mr. Ross thinks the debris, especially that left by deer hunters, is leading the bears to the community.
He is also concerned about what tourists will think of the community with the mess left on back roads.
“They’ll be wondering what kind of pigs live on this side of the island,” he said.
Carol Kulesha asked the committee what could be done.
“You can’t make a rule you can’t enforce,” she said.
Mark Salzl said it was a matter for the conservation officers. He suggested the committee write a letter stating their concern and asking the conservation officers to attend a future meeting.
Mr. Ross had been exploring the back roads, on his own initiative, looking for a potential site to use as a burn pit, or to put an incinerator to get rid of knotweed from the site of the skateboard park.
Resident Kevin Gibson commented that burning should not be an acceptable method of getting rid of waste.
He said a large drum composter could turn both plant waste and animal carcasses into top soil.