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Carving may be oldest ever found

It may be one of the oldest carvings ever found on the islands, and it was found recently in Skidegate, at the site of the new Qay'llnagaay Heritage Centre.
The tiny carving, less than 2 inches across, was found near the skeleton of a child and may have been a toy, speculate archaeologists working at the site.
Three archeologists-Sean Young, Burt Wilson and Lisa Rummel-are slowly sifting through the soil near where the longhouse used to be. Along with the carving and a few other artifacts, they also found the remains of seven people. As well, many seashells and 30 gallons of sea mammal bones have also been found.
The remains and artifacts are likely pre-contact, says Mr. Wilson, because no trade items or beads have been discovered. For now, the remains will be stored in the museum. When construction is finished, they will be interred in the mortuary house on the site.