A ‘canned ham’ style camper is required for the movie production of “Island Between the Tides”, to start filming in Prince Rupert in March. (Photo: supplied)

A ‘canned ham’ style camper is required for the movie production of “Island Between the Tides”, to start filming in Prince Rupert in March. (Photo: supplied)

Cast and crew being scouted for Hollywood North production filmed in Prince Rupert

The Island Between Tides will start production in March

The casting call is still sounding for on and off-camera roles for the Canadian movie production The Island Between Tides, to start filming in Prince Rupert in late March.

“As many of you know, we had very limited time to meet with members of the community on our December trip. Now that our team is headed back to Prince Rupert. ‘Meet and Greet’ times will be available on February 17, 18, and 19,” Morgana Wylie, associate producer stated.

“If you are keen to be a part of the film — in front or behind the camera, we want to meet with you. No need to prepare anything, we simply want to get to know you,” she said.

Associate producers and co-writers of the film, Andrew Holmes and Austin Andrews will be settling into the community during the upcoming days to get to know many of Prince Rupert’s ‘hidden gems’, Wylie said.

There are some specific roles that still need to be cast with one of them being a newborn baby. The film team is looking to hear from anyone who is due to give birth in February or March. The baby will appear in one scene and filming will take a few hours.

“One of our main characters, Jared, is seen over various ages — one of which is a newborn baby. The character appears in one scene with a few hours of filming and gender is not important,” she said.

As Jared is such an important character to the plot, a toddler between the ages of two to three years old is needed. While no words are spoken for this role the ability to focus is required as a range of emotions including crying is necessary.

Another child role, Rowan, a six to eight-year-old boy is being cast. The ability to follow directions and an upbeat manner is needed.

“In our one-on-one meetings back in December, we told many [people] that we’ll have opportunities to put everyone who is interested into the film. Several scenes for background extras will take place outdoors in public areas around Prince Rupert, and we’ll be looking for participants to bring their own 1980s wardrobe for many of them,” Wylie said. “All background roles will be single-day commitments, and more information will be available closer to March.”

Invitations will be sent out shortly to send in self-tape auditions to those who have expressed interest in a speaking role.

The production team was impressed with the level of talent in Prince Rupert and with the many people expressing interest in on-set crew roles, there will be room for anyone interested to be able to participate in the film, the associate producer stated.

“Many of our positions will be “day calls” to help with bigger production days, in addition to hiring a few people to join us for the full shoot. In nearly all cases, prior experience in film production isn’t necessary. As with casting, we’ll be back in touch with those who have expressed interest as we round out our crew later this month,” Wylie said.

It’s not just community members that are needed, but period automobiles for street scenes, and a 1960s or 1970s ‘canned ham’ style camper 16’ ft to 21’ ft. — large enough to fit a young family, with an intact interior is needed, Wyllie stated.

“We are still on the hunt for one of our important “picture vehicles” to rent for multiple days of shooting. Any leads in the Prince Rupert area, as far away as Kitimat, would be appreciated.”

Anyone wanting to set up a meet and greet time for the opportunity to work on the film can reach out to the production team at casting@famousredcar.com.

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