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Charlotte considered for reality TV show

What if all the women in Queen Charlotte left? How would the men cope? That's what a researcher for the popular CBC reality show, the "Week the Women Went" has been asking locals recently.Mayor Carol Kulesha says a researcher contacted the village office to find out whether Queen Charlotte residents would be interested in the possibility of being featured on the show in the future."People shouldn't make the jump that it's going to happen," she said. The show is in the very preliminary stages of choosing a community from across Canada and they don't even know for certain it will run next year. This season the show is featuring the town of Tatamagouche (population 700) in Nova Scotia.Mayor Kulesha said she got great feedback from those who she passed the information along to."I think it could be a lot of fun," she said.The show sends as many women away as possible leaving the men to run households, look after children, businesses and more on their own. Meanwhile, the women watch the antics unfold on television screens while they're being pampered at a luxury resort.