Charlotte residents speak out. Did Ferries listen?

  • Dec. 4, 2013 4:00 p.m.

In Queen Charlotte, over 100 people turned out Tuesday evening to express their concerns to the ferry consultants.Roy Jones Jr.When you are running a business and you put the use of that business out of reach of the people, people don’t move. You guys are sitting in front of a lot of people that are hurting.Mike GarretIt’s part of the highway system that we pay for and that everybody in BC pays for.Angus WilsonMr. Wilson spoke on behalf of School District 50I want to talk to you about the Alliford Bay connection. I have a really excellent principal I share with two schools. She’ll be unable to make it to school on time. I have teachers on call who can’t make it to school on time. It’s more pressure on little Sandspit (making it difficult) to continue as a community. In this corner of the province we really need some economic engine.Ed LavoieI am a little concerned with the freight increases. If we have to overnight our employee here for a longer period of time, it’s going to increase costs for the people here.Evelyn von AlmassyThese islands have been subsidizing the provincial government for 90 years. resources of fish here. Resources of logs. Sunne YoungWe were already below basic resource levels long ago. North coast people are tough. We can endure.Mike MeeganI think it is an insult, a kind of joke, that you would fly here because the ferry service doesn’t work well enough. It really indicates how poor the system works.A little bit of (economic) hope has been in the tourism sector. To eliminate that is very, very short-sighted.There is one issue here, the communities are going to die. You are cutting the artery that feeds the people. Wouldn’t you rather be doing something that’s going up, instead of figuring out how to get a parachute on, on the way down?Alanah MountifieldThe ferry is a huge part of every single person’s life here. I feel I take this quite personally and I am not the only one. Hear me. Because you are not going to ever have happy people in this room unless you are going to help us have happy lives. This is not going to let us have happy lives.Jack McGuffieYou are telling me I am going to lose an hours work. I don’t like that.Barbara WilsonThese islands have been stripped bare. We don’t have much fish. People need a ferry service to make their lives more comfortable. If you take away more than you give us, I think you should turn it upside down and take it away from those people who sit in Victoria making big wages.Leslie JohnsonThe year the Queen of the North sank, that was a hardship. For the government to purposely put up a hardship n families, I think that is uncalled for and unfair. I think we are being treated unfairly. I hope tat you reconsider your approach. I hope the government reconsiders its approach to how it manages BC Ferries.Kirby HoldershawIt makes no sense at all. If you are going to take that ferry anymore, you might as well build a bridge.Terry TollestrupI catch that 7:30 ferry every morning. You are telling me I have to quit my job. That’s not right. Carol Kulesha, Queen Charlotte mayorWe cannot afford the cuts. I invite the minister to come here. The highway is the marine way and we need the ferry. You need to come up with a long-term plan.Keith AlexanderIt’s a whole lot better to have full ferries at attractive rates than empty ferries at high rates. Having these ferries full is good for the economy.If you apply the BC Ferry model to highways, you should have a toll booth on every highway.The Liberal government is killing business son the north coast.Bill YovanovichThe impacts are huge, so the timing is crucial. I would hope we can postpone this for at least another year. So we can find some genuine solutions.Jim Le MotteIn Terrace, there is a lot of money being thrown around. We need the extra help because we are a struggling community. Don’t be so lavish with the places that are doing well.Jennifer Rice, MLAThere is a need for a socio-economic study with the proposed changes as they are. Look at how these changes would impact on the provincial government. We might even see this is going to cost the province more.The meeting wrapped up just after 8 pm with the government officials thanking those attending and encouraging them to provide more input, either through questionnaires available at the meeting or on the dedicated website.More about the Masset meeting on our website Friday and in the paper next week.