Charlotte residents want west-end playground

  • Mar. 24, 2003 10:00 a.m.

Children from the west end of Queen Charlotte have no safe place to play, and resident Rick Johnson wants to see that change.
About 40 children in the area have no place to play except their own yards or the street, said Mr. Johnson. Children do play in the Community Club tennis courts, but they are used for competing purposes such as street hockey, bike riding and skateboarding.
“I have recently discussed this lack of play area with friends and neighbors, and many seem to think there is great potential to create a play area at the current tennis courts,” said Mr. Johnson. “Perhaps a playground society can be created, with a small group of interested parents, who can get funding to repair the courts and create some more space for other interests. There is certainly room enough adjacent to the courts to put in some skateboard space or other appropriate activity areas.”
Mr. Johnson presented the issue to the management committee March 19, and asked if the committee can help create a safe play area for west end kids.
Member Vicki Ives answered that she has already begun working on this issue. Marla Abbott of the Community Club gave Ms Ives the plans for a park the Community Club intended to put into the area. Ms Ives, along with commissioners Mark Salzl and Claudia Ives, has formed a recreation subcommittee to promote the creation of safe recreation areas in Queen Charlotte. Ms Ives suggested a good first step would be for interested volunteers to help clean up the area during the April 12 Community Club clean up bee.
Mr. Johnson says he’ll be there, and he’ll encourage others in the neighborhood to chip in and help.