Clean out that medicine cabinet

  • Feb. 23, 2009 8:00 a.m.

Cabinet cleaning this spring could win you a new back massager from the Guardian Pharmacy in Queen Charlotte.Spring’s almost here and as we begin spring-cleaning, we should keep in mind that our medicine cabinets need to be checked and cleaned too. Prescriptions should be checked regularly for expiration dates, and disposed of when expired, as they can be ineffective, even harmful.Disposing properly of old medication is important.”Flushing medication down the toilet or throwing it in the trash can be hazardous to children and pets, and can pollute the environment. We send all medications off for high temperature incineration so they don’t enter the environment,” said pharmacist Daryl Regier. “It is also important that medications be stored properly. This means that they should be protected from moisture, light, and heat and be kept in its original container so that you know what it is, when it expires and how to use it,” he said.Anyone with expired, old or unused medication can bag them and bring them to the Skidegate Health Centre, the QCI Pharmacy, or the Masset pharmacy for destruction. Anyone interested in winning Obusforme Back Massager can fill out a ballot and be entered into a draw for March 27. Medicines will also be collected March 11 in the evening at the Skidegate Health Centre by the Skidegate Men’s Group.