C’mon little dogie, Masset style

  • Jun. 28, 2004 6:00 a.m.

It’s almost time for the Calgary Stampede, and one former Albertan now living in Masset may be thinking about entering the steer-wrestling competition!
RCMP Constable Brent Keibel got a little practice in last Saturday, when he received a call at noon hour. Out towards the CBI Fish plant, a deer had got itself tangled up in a snow-fence, and since there was no conservation officer available, police responded. Cns. Keibel ‘got it by the neck and had to wrestle it’ Sgt Andrew Isles told the Observer, adding, ‘I wish I had a camera”.
The deer wasn’t hurt and got away none the worse for wear. Masset RCMP also received a call from some teenagers in Port Clements July 27 saying they had just been ‘ripped off’ for $500, but when they investigated, police discovered it wasn’t cash that was missing but $500 worth of marijuana. Numerous small plants were seized by police who remind one and all that marijuana is illegal. No charges will be laid in connection with this incident.
In other police news, RCMP are investigating a couple of smashed windows, one in a residence, the other on a truck on Hemlock St. on July 26, and a two vehicle accident at the Sangan River, also on the July 26.