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Co-op annual meeting Sunday

The Delmas Co-operative Association, which has operated on the islands for almost 60 years, is holding its annual general meeting Sunday (Jan. 25) in the Masset community hall. The association runs the Delmas Co-op in Masset and the Gwaii Co-op branch in Skidegate.
On the agenda for Sunday's meeting are the financial statements and the election of new directors. There will also be door prizes and refreshments.
The financial statements - now available at both stores - show sales and profits were down slightly for the year ended Sept. 30, 2003, compared to the year before.
Sales for both stores totalled $10.9-million, compared to $11.1-million the previous year. Savings (profits) were $522,000 this year, down from $704,000 the year before.
However, 2002 was an exceptionally good year for the Co-op and this year's figures are very close to sales and savings in the previous three years.
More information will be available at Sunday's meeting, which starts at 2 pm.

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