Coalition supports protest

  • Apr. 18, 2005 2:00 p.m.

A coalition of environmental organizations, labour unions and First Nations groups from across BC is calling on Premier Gordon Campbell to rethink forestry law changes in order to resolve the protest action here on Haida Gwaii.
Their letter, sent to Mr. Campbell on April 15, says past government decisions have not been honourable, and urges him to reconsider the sweeping changes his government has made to forestry and environmental laws.
“Your conduct is not without a cost, as the present conflict in Haida Gwaii demonstrates,” the letter says. “A different path forward is possible. The common cause forged by the Haida and other island residents against raw log exports, unsustainable resource extraction, and corporate control of resources sends a powerful message.”
Jessica Clogg, staff counsel at West Coast Environmental Law, one of the groups signing the letter, said that “as the Haida TFL 39 case was making its way to the Supreme Court of Canada, the provincial government was repealing or rewriting virtually every forest and environmental law in BC to reduce its role and place increased control in the hands of resource companiesÂ… Because of its offloading to company, the crown now claims it has no duty to the Haida. This is not honourable.”