Coast Guard screens job applications for Sandpsit station

  • Jan. 15, 2003 5:00 p.m.

The Canadian Coast Guard is now screening applications to fill eight vacancies at the new Search and Rescue Lifeboat station to be built this summer in Sandspit.
Two rotating crews of four people will be hired. Each crew will be on duty for two weeks at a time. The crews will consist of a commander, an engineer and two seamen with marine rescue training.
The new lifeboat station will be located at Sandspit harbour, with offices and accommodations for four people. The Coast Guard hopes to hire people from the islands, but will not require people to live in Sandspit permanently, says George Horel, Director of Operational Services, Pacific Region.
The crew will respond to every kind of possible marine emergency, and their training will include paramedic and firefighting skills as well as training in the operation of the lifeboat itself.
The Coast Guard is now finalizing approvals for the construction of the lifeboat station, which is estimated at just over $790,000. Mr. Horel says he hopes tenders will be put out by late March or early April. The Coast Guard will follow public works regulations and advertise nationally for a construction company to do the work.
Originally, the Coast Guard planned to construct the station last summer, but the project was stalled by delays in the lifeboat construction. Construction of the station is scheduled to begin in the spring. The new lifeboat station is scheduled to be in operation in October, according to Mr. Horel.