Coho derby approaching the home stretch

  • Oct. 6, 2010 3:00 p.m.

Submitted by Sandspit Rod & Gun Club-It is the home stretch, as they say in that other derby. Three good weekends down with one to go. We have had good weather, lots of fish in the area and enough fishers to keep all the derby categories in a state of flux. Not a lot of change at the top but some jockeying for position back in the pack.Now, the leaders hold their breath as the competitors angle for the big one and the ‘braggin rights’ for 2010. No holding back the best lure or the secret combination, as this is where you fish or wait till next year.There has been some discussion of how many of the derby winners have been caught from the shore. It can’t be said for sure but over the last 10 years at least three were caught from the shore. And the winning coho has also been caught on the last weekend a good number of times. The indications are that there are still a lot of fish waiting to get up the creeks.The story from the ‘shack’ this week is that Bob and Rhea walked down on the rocks to see how it was going and they were told it was really slow. Bob told Rhea to go ahead and try a few casts. She did, thought she had bottom when it took off. They saw it and it is reported to be a big one and in the process of trying to land it, the hook came out. It is still out there Rhea, try again this weekend!Third Weekend Results:Marcel Vesti 17 lbs 6 ozJudy Foster 16 lbs 15 ozRick Atkinson 16 lbs 9 ozRudy Servatius 16 lbs 9 ozBill Yovanovich 15 lbs 9 ozMel Verbeek 14 lbs 6 ozStan Hovde 14 lbsLes Wourms 13 lbs 14 ozBev Collinson 13 lbs 8 ozBill Rieger 13 lbs 5 ozTop LadyJudy Foster 16 lbs 15 ozBev Collinson 13 lbs 8 ozJuniorsDaniel Morgan 12 lbsBrett Servatius 11 lbs 8 ozMatt Servatius 10 lbs 7 ozCheechakoJustin Robinson 10 lbs 10 ozWeekend WinnerMel Verbeek 14 lbs 6 ozThis is also the last weekend for Ray K, the chef-weighmaster at Copper Bay, to turn out his sourdough pancake breakfast on Sunday (8-11).For those that are addicted, it will be 11 months till the next fix is available. The burgers, dogs and other eats are available on Saturday and Sunday too. There has been a good group of volunteers helping at the ‘shack’ which has made it feel like a total community event, a big thank you to those volunteers. On this last weekend come out and fish or ‘cut buns’ in this social, athletic and special community event where the ‘Spirit of the Coho’ is celebrated.