Coho Derby third weekend results

  • Oct. 5, 2009 6:00 a.m.

Submitted by the Sandspit Rod & Gun Club-What a weekend for the Derby. Good weather, big coho caught, lots of coho weighed, ladies and juniors catching their share and lots of hungry folks at the ‘Shack’.The big fish was caught by one of the younger fishers in the derby and his partner claimed that he wouldn’t have netted the fish if he had known it going to be so big, way to go, Jon!Some nice big fish coming in and it appears that the run is at its peak, as everyone seems to be catching some. The shore fishers were productive and it was good to see all the folks out giving it a try.The story from this weekend involves Tyler and his noni ‘Doodie’. Tyler promised he was going to get her fishing. He bought her a fishing rod and a derby ticket. He showed her how to cast and retrieve. She hadn’t fished in 40 years, however she gave it a go. She caught a nice 13 pound coho and after a good fight with the coho, with some assistance, she landed the fish. Way to go Tyler and ‘Doodie’! She says it will take all week for her arms and wrists to recover.The food at the ‘Shack’ is as popular as ever. Ray ran out of hamburgers again. There was a good crowd there for his sourdough pancakes (Sunday 8-11 am) too. This weekend will be the last chance this year to sample his offerings, so don’t miss out. Thanks to the volunteers who have been helping Ray to get it done in the kitchen. He can always use a hand around the shack, so don’t be bashful.This is the weekend where the “hook catches the fish” or you wait till next year. The competition is heating up and the ladies and juniors are into the action as well. The top ten will be trying to hold on and the rest will be trying to catch the ‘Big One’. No matter the results, come join the fun at Copper Bay. Good luck to all and have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving weekend.Top Ten1. Jon Hunter – 16 lbs 11oz2. Bev Collinson – 16 lbs 1 oz3. Alex Matson – 15 lbs 14 oz4. Gary Hatfield – 15 lbs 13 oz5. Behn Cochrane – 15 lbs 11 oz6. Chris Diebold – 14 lbs 15 oz7. Tyler Zeller – 14 lbs 8 oz8. Les Wourms – 14 lbs 5 oz9. Jeremy Botel – 13 lbs 13 oz10. Mel Worms – 13 lbs 7 ozLadies1. Bev Collinson – 16 lbs 1 oz2. Clara Zeller – 13 lbs 7 ozJuniors1. Jhett Collinson – 16 lbs 8 oz2. Kieanna Diebold – 12 lbs 8 ozWeekend winner: Jon HunterFish weighed in: 68