Committee changes mind about parking

  • Sep. 3, 2004 11:00 a.m.

The Queen Charlotte management committee has changed its mind and will not request a no parking zone from the ball field triangle to Wharf Street.
The committee has been grappling with the parking versus pedestrian problem in Queen Charlotte for some time. The committee proposed the no parking zone as a temporary solution to make walking there safer. However, when Ron McKee consulted with people in the downtown area about parking, several objected, saying the committee needs to make an overall parking strategy for the time rather than targeting a particular area.
One proposal to make Charlotte safer for pedestrians is a sea walk. Residents John Farrell and Dean Nomura spoke to regional director Carol Kulesha in June about reviving the idea of a sea walk. The committee has tried to get funding for the project several times, most recently last fall.
Mr. McKee told the committee September 1 that he and Mr. Farrell plan to meet in early fall, along with other interested residents, to consider a strategy for getting the sea walk built.