Committee puts $10,000 in QC skatepark plan

  • May. 10, 2004 2:00 p.m.

Queen Charlotte’s skate park proposal is almost ready to send to the Gwaii Trust.
Management committee member Vicki Ives has been working for the last month on a proposal for improvements to the community club property by the tennis courts.
The cost of the project is greater than the Gwaii Trust would normally fund, so the proposal is for a three-stage project, Ms Ives said.
Stage one would include repair of the tennis courts, preparation of the skate park site, as well as a parking lot to be completed by this fall. The second stage would be the skate park itself, to be completed next spring. And then the third stage would be a children’s park and picnic area.
The plan has been well supported by the community so far, said Ms Ives. Teens have agreed to prepare a petition in support, and Sgt. Eric Stubbs of the Queen Charlotte RCMP detachment has sent a letter of support.
The management committee supported Ms Ives proposal by voting to contribute $10,000 of the community’s $30,000 recreation budget to the project.