Committee seeks input on forest roads

  • Oct. 28, 2005 2:00 p.m.

If any of the islands’ forestry roads are important to you, the Queen Charlotte Management committee wants to know.
To prepare for an upcoming Ministry of Forests forum on the future of forest roads on the islands, it will post a large map in its office. The committee asks residents come and mark important roads and provide comments on an accompanying sheet.
“We need to indicate which roads are important to us and why,” says regional district director Carol Kulesha.
The Ministry of Forests one-day forest roads forum will be held December 1. The public aren’t invited to attend, but district manager Len Munt says key stakeholders will be there.
The list of invitees is long and includes the Haida, the forest industry, various agencies and community representatives. He hopes attendees will come up with some potential solutions to help manage the road systems.
“From a Forest Service point of view, if we don’t have a licensee actively using a road, we would go to a different level of management,” says Mr. Munt.
He called this a “wilderness” style of road maintenance. In some cases spur roads and entire road systems become unusable as old logging areas regrow.
Mr. Munt said the meeting has come about after the trouble last winter with the Rennell Sound road.
“There are sections of the road that have no status. If (the road) went down there it may not get fixed,” he says.
He applauded the initiative of the Queen Charlotte Management Committee in providing a map to the public and hopes other community representatives will solicit input in a similar manner.