Complete election results here Saturday evening

  • Nov. 18, 2005 6:00 p.m.

Voting day is Saturday, the polls are open from 8 am to 8 pm, and you can find out who won and who lost by checking this website Saturday evening.
We’ll have complete results well before midnight, although it’s difficult to predict how long the counting will last. Log on at 8:30 to see what’s up!
Forgotten who’s running? No worries, here’s the complete list!

In Masset

For mayor:
Barry Pages
Rollie Wheeler

For council (4 to be elected):
Janet Brown
Brent Buell
Brian Bussiere
Brian Gray
Bret Johnston
Marlene Liddle
Paul Powers
Ed Woode

In Port Clements

For mayor:
Cory Delves
Dale Lore

For council (4 to be elected):
Wally Cheer
Derek Hoenen
Gerry Johnson
Casey Lapka
Wendy Quinn
Brock Storry
Urs Thomas
Roy Woolverton

In Queen Charlotte
For council (4 to be elected):
Lance Barker
Richard Funk
Greg Martin
Anne Mountifield
Gladys Noddin
Kris Olsen
Eric Ross
Sheila Wigmore

Regional District Director Area D (rural Graham Island including Old Massett, Tow Hill Road, Tlell, Lawn Hill, Miller Creek and Skidegate)
For regional district director:
Ian Hetman
Bill Mackay
Michael Muller

School District

Central Graham Island (includes Port Clements and Tlell)
Maggie Bell Brown
Brigid Cumming
Lisa Gyorgy
Delina Petit Pas

South (Queen Charlotte, Sandspit)
Shirley Hawse
Gail Henry
Christine Martynuik


Regional District Director Area E
Travis Glasman
Duane Gould

Moresby Island Management Committee (5 members, 3 alternates to be elected):
Carol Bowler
Linda Clark
Duane Gould
Gail Henry
Sherry Price
William Quaas
Bill Sheridan
Gordon Usher
Carol Wagner