Coons, Girbav happy with results so far, Pond not giving up hope

  • May. 12, 2009 2:00 p.m.

By Alex Rinfret and Jeff King–NDP candidate Gary Coons, with a sizeable lead says he feels “pretty good” about the results.Speaking earlier this evening from his campaign office in Prince Rupert, Mr. Coons said he’s watching poll results come in from the far-flung communities of the large North Coast riding.”We campaigned hard over here, we took the issues to the doorstep,” said Mr. Coons.”I’m pretty thrilled, we’ve had dozens and dozens if not hundreds of volunteers working here every day for the past 28 days.”Liberal candidate Herb Pond says he’s disappointed by results so far and is hoping to gain more votes as the count goes on in today’s provincial election.The two-time mayor of Prince Rupert is at a post-election party at Chances tonight.”We’re disappointed by what we’re seeing and we’re trying to find out more information,” he said.”We’d hoped to be leading, but we still have outstanding polls.”Meanwhile, Green candidate Lisa Girbav is outperforming her party.The 19-year-old candidate says she is feeling great tonight as results show her holding at about 12 percent of the vote.That’s more than the Green party usually gets here and better than the Green Party is doing in general around the province.Ms Girbav said she made an effort to get younger voters out to the polls and thinks that might have something to do with the result.”I really tried to stand out at the all-candidate forums we had at the high schools,” she said from her home in Prince Rupert. “I think I got a lot of young voters out thistime.” Ms Girbav said she enjoyed being a candidate and will definitely consider running again.