Coons support holding at above 50 percent of the vote

  • May. 12, 2009 12:00 p.m.

NDP candidate Gary Coons has had nothing but good news all evening. While it’s not over yet, Mr. Coons has continued to win every poll that has reported, and at this point, 10:30 pm, he’s got 50 percent of the vote, a little lower than when the first results started tricking in around 8:30 pm. The Liberals Herb Pond is sitting at about 37 percent.Results at 10:15 were as follows, with 30 out of 67 polls reportingGary Coons1,756 votes, 54 percentHerb Pond1,201 votes, 37 percentLisa Girbav281 votes, 9 percentA total of 3,238 votes have been counted.Another update here at 10:30 pm