Council considers pay raise

  • Oct. 4, 2010 6:00 p.m.

Queen Charlotte council is considering a bylaw that will allow an automatic cost of living adjustment to council members’ pay each year. Chief administrative officer Bill Beamish said in his report to council at its meeting Sept. 20 that although council has increased its remuneration since incorporation through the financial plan, there is no automatic cost of living increase. This is common practice, he said, ensuring that council remuneration keeps pace with the cost of living in the region. This bylaw would ensure they receive an increase at the Canada Consumer Price Index for the year preceding in any year that they do not plan for an increase in the budget. This is the index used for the provincial and municipal pension plans. The bylaw on the books at present, No. 5-2005, was created just after incorporation. It enacts an annual payment of $6,470 for the mayor and $3,600 for councillors. Since then, the mayor and council have approved increases. In 2010 the mayor is receiving $7,179 and the councillors $3,990. The new bylaw 43-2010 will not repeal this bylaw but will ensure an adjustment is made yearly. Mr. Beamish also noted that Queen Charlotte mayor and council’s remuneration are on the lower end of the scale for municipalities of their size. He said Stewart, for example, with 496 people, pays its mayor $11,200. Silverton, population 185, pays its mayor $3,000.