Council urged to deal with dogs

  • Feb. 28, 2007 5:00 p.m.

Queen Charlotte residents have started yelping about dogs and their detritus.
Mayor Carol Kulesha said she has received several complaints and queries from the public wanting to know what the village intends to do about loose dogs.
The RCMP have also asked council to come up with a licensing program and bylaws that will help them in their enforcement duties.
At the Feb. 19 council meeting, Ms Kulesha discussed the issue with council. They decided to do research how other communities handle dog issues. For example, she said, in Masset dog owners get a discount for spaying and neutering their pets when they purchase a license. Masset also has a part-time dog catcher.
At the same meeting, the Queen Charlotte Islands Branch of the SPCA requested contributions for a “fixathon” to help low income pet guardians spay or neuter their charges.
Queen Charlotte council agreed to donate $500.
Ms Kulesha said the SPCA is also experimenting with a set of bylaws in four communities in the province. She is waiting to see what these guidelines look like.
In the meantime she asks people to be good neighbours. “It is not pleasant to have [dogs] dumping on people’s lawns and manicured areas,” she said.