Cranston a champion

  • Feb. 13, 2013 5:00 a.m.

Northern Health has awarded NH Executive Assistant and QC councillor Ellen Cranston the position of Men’s Health Injury Prevention Champion. “Basically it’s was a contest they put out for Northern Health employees,” Ms Cranston told the Observer, “you get a $1,000 to put towards a project that would enhance men’s health.” Ms Cranston is the mother of three grown sons, and said it was them she was thinking of when she decided to take on the challenge of being a champion for men’s health. Her plan is to organize men’s events to promote healthy socializing and fellowship for men. Activities might include cooking classes, fly fishing lessons, surfing, woodworking and horseback riding, among others, as she said she is still getting volunteers to teach, and suggestions for activities. She will not be attending the events herself as they’ll be for men only. “It seems that there’s a lot of events for women,’ she said, “and women I think are naturally better at … keeping friendships up and keeping their mental health up and stimulated in conversations with other women and I don’t know if men have been given that option, or that outlet, here in a more formal way.” Ms Cranston will be going away for training for the position the beginning of March and hopes to have the program up and running by the end of that month.