Creek floods

  • Sep. 27, 2010 7:00 a.m.

A flooding creek in Queen Charlotte gave village staff and councillors practice in emergency preparedness earlier this month. A storm on Sept. 11 brought a huge volume of water and debris down Charlie Hartie Creek and over the banks, leaving several residents concerned the flood would reach their homes. The mayor, the chief administrative officer, public works staff and representatives of the Ministry of Transportation responded to calls from residents, said chief administrative officer Bill Beamish at the Sept. 20 council meeting. He said a downstream culvert was blocked by debris against the screen, so it was lifted to let the water through. By the time the storm had finished, debris filled one-third of the culvert. “The amount of water coming down was quite amazing,” said Mr. Beamish, who waded to his mid-calf through the deluge. After the storm, Mr. Beamish said the Ministry of Transportation is reassessing the work done in 2009 on the culvert. The village has also checked other areas that might have a similar issue to see what can be done.