Crews busy cleaning up after storm

  • Jan. 7, 2004 7:00 p.m.

Crews from the Ministry of Highways and O’Brien Road and Bridge Maintenance are still busy this week cleaning up the debris from last month’s monster storm, and reinforcing the rip rap barriers which were destroyed.
On Monday (Jan. 5), crews started placing rip rap along Bay Street in Queen Charlotte, where the bank had been eaten away right up to the road edge. Ministry of Highways district supervisor Al McKean said they would move north after finishing the Charlotte work.
“Once we got more rock we’ll ramp up,” he said.
Highways has hired four trucks, two excavators and two flag people for the rip rap work, and Mr. McKean said he expects more equipment will be hired by next week. He has ordered about 5,000 cubic metres of large rock to rebuild the rip rap.
The O’Brien crew is removing the logs and debris from the highway shoulder, Mr. McKean said. The logs are being taken to a highways pit in Tlell and burned.
Mr. McKean added that his boss from Terrace came out to the islands last week and had a tour of the destruction caused by the storm.
“He’s going looking for some money, I’ll tell you that much,” Mr. McKean said. “He was surprised.”