Curling makes a comeback in Masset

  • Oct. 16, 2006 6:00 p.m.

After a year of down time, the Misty Isles Curling Club is sweeping into action again, possibly as early as this weekend, thanks to the determination of several volunteers.
“There is not a lot to do here in the winter,” said Bob Jongewaard, one of those motivated to get the facility, which needed several repairs, operating again. He said it was a shame to see the building and equipment sitting there unused since the 2004 season.
After looking into it he found the heating system was gone and the building had a problem with humidity. There was too much moisture in the air, said Mr. Jongewaard, turning the ice pebbly when water drips from the ceilings.
A new dehumidifier is now in place, which extracts 12 gallons of water from the air in one day. Mr. Jongewaard and Omega Packing, where he is general manager, are working to pay for this equipment.
Mark Services in Queen Charlotte donated the new heating system and installed it.
“That was a wonderful thing on his part,” said Mr. Jongewaard.
A company in Vancouver called Refrigerator Components also donated some parts and Omega donated the labour to resurrect the facility.
Leagues are being set up and there will be a Clan Bonspiel held soon to help raise money for the club.
Mr. Jongewaard has spoken to the high school in Masset to generate interest there and the students are keen to sweep the ice.
As a professional coach, he is also hoping to do some Special Olympics coaching. “One of the things that motivated me is my son is in Special Olympics in Prince Rupert,” he said. Now that his son is living here, he talks about curling again all the time.
The club is hoping the rest of the islands will get involved too, including other island schools. Port Clements has already offered to add two rinks (teams) into the mix.
Anyone interested in curling should contact president Kevin Lacroix.