Cycling club is on the road

  • Jul. 3, 2009 7:00 p.m.

submitted by S. Beggs-I’ve oiled my chain, topped up the air in the tires and filled my water bottles. I’m dressed in my new club kit and have just topped it off with my Laser helmet. I get to the road just as Peter and Brenda appear around the corner with Jeff just behind them. Then Ben blasts over the hill to join the group and David pops out of the driveway and leads us up the road at a gentle warm-up pace. Pretty soon we’re joined by Richard and Terry riding towards us from the east. They make the turn and join the group making it a peleton of eight riding towards Tlell on a perfect sunny Haida Gwaii day. The pace picks up, but it’s not more than I can handle and being the slowest of the group I’m happy to be able to keep up. We’re all wearing our blue and yellow Derailleurs in the Mist cycling kit. You’ve probably seen us on the road. We’re the ones who try to ‘single up’ as quickly as we can when we hear you behind us, not fast enough for some but mostly the traffic is happy to wait that extra few seconds it takes for us to get organized once we’ve heard you. Otherwise we’re riding two by two, chatting away about how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place and what a great day it is for a ride. Derailleurs in the Mist just got its newly minted club kit in the mail. The blue and yellow kit has the latest sponsors’ logos proudly displayed along side our original sponsors’ logos. Jackie at Charlisle, Tracy at Fast Fuels and Jim at QCI Net have joined Aero Trading, City Centre Stores, Howler’s, Isabel Creek Store, Jags Beanstalk, Key West Insurance and Northern Savings Credit Union to sponsor the Derailleurs in the Mist Cycling Club. Thanks to all! The DITM race is coming up soon too. If you’re interested in joining, maybe even training for the race at the edge or becoming a club member email us at and we’ll add you to the club list. Group rides usually take place on Saturdays and Sundays and the start time can vary. We let everyone know via email messages when the rides will start. The club rides usually go at the pace of the slower riders so everyone is welcome to join. There’s no need to be a speed demon to be part of the group and as far as group riding skills go we are always happy to welcome new riders and happy to show them the ropes. It’s pretty basic and anyone can do it.The DITM club hosts a 5km time trial which will take place on Friday July 31 and everyone is encouraged to give it a try. At a time trial, competitors start at one minute intervals and ride the 5kms as fast as they can. All age groups are welcome. The 100km road race starts in QC at 11:00 on Saturday August 1 and will be an out and back race that will likely end at Jags. The details will be on the posters, watch for them at the post office. After the race, there’ll be a celebratory barbecue and awards ceremony. The road race will also have a shorter leg for recreational riders. Get fit and have fun this summer with the Derailleurs in the Mist Cycling Club. See you on the road!