Dash for Kwuna results in ticket for cyclist

  • Feb. 26, 2013 12:00 p.m.

A man who rode his bike onto the Kwuna as it was leaving the terminal in Alliford Bay Feb. 19 ended up with a violation ticket from the RCMP when he landed at Skidegate. Sgt. Scott Hromadnik said the man told police he thought the ferry had been waiting for him, even though the rope was across the bow and the vessel was in motion. The cyclist was issued a violation ticket for disobeying a flag man. In other police news, RCMP responded to a call Feb. 20 about a break and enter at a house on Second Avenue. The suspect stole a Nintendo DS, a Wii game centre with about 20 games and an iPad. Police are looking for any information about this break and enter. A driver escaped with minor injuries after his truck rolled over and slid off the embankment onto the shoreline along Highway 16 the morning of Feb. 21. Sgt. Scott Hromadnik said fortunately the tide was out at the time of the accident, although it was moving in quickly by the time the vehicle was recovered. The driver of the Ford F350 lost control and went off the highway near Lawn Hill North Road. The truck plummeted about 60 feet and rolled about three times before coming to a standstill on the beach, he said. On Feb. 24, RCMP attended to the Skidegate water treatment plant, where the door of the station had been kicked in. Nothing was taken as a result of the mischief, Sgt. Hromadnik said.