David Suzuki speaks about planned blockade

  • Mar. 21, 2005 12:00 p.m.

World-renowned environmentalist David Suzuki is here on the islands and says we are facing an “unbelievable moment of opportunity”.
After listening to Port Clements residents Sunday night share their concerns about the upcoming Haida blockade of Weyerhaeuser, Mr. Suzuki addressed the crowd.
He said he is excited to be on the islands at this time, and thanked Port for giving him the chance to speak.
“What I hear is, you know what’s going on in the forest, it’s not sustainable,” he said. He added that he and other environmentalists do not want to shut down the logging industry – they support loggers but want to make sure there is enough wood that logging and other activities can continue in the future.
Port residents will have to decide whether they are driven by the need to make a short-term paycheque, or whether they can take a longer-term view of the situation, he said.