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Death threats, lunging at police results in arrest in Old Massett

A 38-year-old male lunged at three police officers and made several death threats before police were able to arrest him, according to Masset RCMP.Sergeant Jim Vardy said the police were called to an Old Massett residence at 3 am last Saturday (Dec. 1). As the officers approached the house, a man came out, and started making very pointed threats.According to Sgt. Vardy, the man threatened to shoot the officers in the head. He told them he'd use assault rifles such as an AK-47 and an M-16. He also mentioned a 9 mm pistol.Sgt. Vardy says officers spent ten minutes trying to calm the man down, during which time the man stripped off his coat and wanted to engage in a fight.The three officers talked with him and calmed him down enough to arrest him and get him into the police car, says Sgt. Vardy.But on the way to the police station, he once again became enraged and threatened to shoot them.The man was arrested on three counts of uttering death threats and one count of spousal assault.Sgt. Vardy says RCMP applied to have him remanded in custody until court Dec. 5 and this was granted. The man faces those four charges in the Masset courtroom.Sgt. Vardy says the detachment is taking the incident very seriously, as they seized some weapons during an unrelated incident in the summer. Those included two assault weapons that are illegal in Canada. They've completed two searches on residences where the accused is known to live, but have found nothing.He says detachment has sought support from the Council of the Haida Nation and the Old Massett Village Council. The assailant directed some of his anger to Canada and institutions in general as he is extremely upset about the treatment of Aboriginal people.The woman involved in the assault was at the home when police arrived and helped keep the man away from the officers. She was not taken to hospital. The original call came from the residence.The man has two prior convictions for assault and one prior convict for assaulting a police officer, but these were from the 1990s, says Sgt. Vardy.

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