Demystifying Music Festival involvement

  • Nov. 1, 2010 2:00 p.m.

Submitted by Cathy Rigg–The new year of festival planning is upon us, and yes, we do need you! However, I’m not going to guilt you with ominous threats of the festival disappearing forever, thus making your children hate you for depriving them of their only large concert event experience. Rather, I want to demystify what it means to volunteer for the music festival.There seems to be an impression among islanders that getting involved means that we will own part of your soul and will work you until you can barely enjoy the festival at all. This is simply not true. We are not in the business of owning souls, or part thereof, and there are many levels of involvement required to make the festival happen. These are:Being on the Board of Directors: Yes, this takes the most work and requires the most time and involvement. However, it’s also where the true power lies! If you want to make the big decisions, then this position is for you. This year, we hope to have more directors meetings, alternating with general meetings, so even as a director you may only have to attend a meeting every two months.Being a Coordinator: Some coordinator positions require a lot of involvement, but others require you just be there for the festival weekend without ever attending a meeting. We have recently completed the festival manual, which means you get a clear job description and information from the past few years of the festival to help you. As a coordinator you get free festival entry, access to hospitality, and a T-shirt!Being a Member: Pay your $5 and you’re a voting member. This year we will be voting on changing the name of the festival. If you’re a member, you will be able to vote on this important matter (in person or by proxy). You can become a member at the AGM, or by sending $5 to EOTW Music Festival, Box 812, QC, V0T 1S0.Donate to the Festival: Many individuals and businesses on Island routinely donate goods, services, and money to the festival. We hope to do a better job in showing our appreciation for your support this year. Without your support, the festival really would not happen.Our agm is Saturday, November 6, at the new Crow’s Nest Café in Tlell (Old Dress for Les) from 1 to 3 pm. We hope to see you there, buying your membership and supporting the festival. Even if we don’t see you again until you are lying on your blanket enjoying the great music in the hot August sun, we will thank you!