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Discussions end protest

Masset RCMP responded to a call in a cutblock near Juskatla last week, but say the incident was resolved peacefully.
Sgt. Jim Vardy said he was called out to an area known as Flo Main on Friday (Aug. 12).
"We were notified that there was a structure erected to block access to Flo Main," he said. "It sort of looked like the outside framing of a longhouseÂ… like logs fastened together."
The unmanned blockade was placed there by the Haida Nation, he said, and was removed by Sunday (Aug. 14) after peaceful discussions between the Haida and Cascadia Forest Products Ltd.
Sgt. Vardy said it was not a criminal matter, and police were simply there to monitor the situation and make sure it didn't get out of control.

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