Diverse works by artists of all ages now on display at Maritime Museum

  • Jun. 2, 2008 7:00 p.m.

Submitted by J. Hartley and the Maritime Museum-The Dixon Entrance Maritime Museum is presently housing a collection of art work by various local artists. The variety of work and the age range of these islanders is wide and diverse. Amy Edgars, argillite carver, has two very large prominent pieces of sculpture and a collection of pendants. The “Bear Cub Fishing” is a strong statement in today’s political air. The “Salmon Swimming in the Stream” shows the power of an upstream salmon. Any also has a collection of argillite pendants that show her as her father’s (Myles Edgars) daughter, yet with her own distinct flare. Susan Abrahams’ display of red and yellow cedar hats is a true show of her skills and style. The fedoras carry contrast banding and tightly-woven curved rims. The traditional Haida cedar hats are finely constructed with uniformity and classic lines. Leo Gagnon has numerous pieces in the show ranging from supersized cedar masks to platters, drums and paddles. Leo’s work has significant personal and spiritual value. Trish McLeod, the youngest artist in the show, is budding into a career as a tattoo artist. She has displayed photos of her at work and some of her designs. A collection of contemporary paintings are presented by Janeen Hartley. There is also a vast array of Haida silver and argillite pendants that have been incorporated into jewelry made with gemstones. Wilfred Penker has collaborated with Janeen in cameo mask necklaces, carved in yew and cedar in his distinct style. The Dixon Entrance Museum is going to be holding the gallery space open for local artists annually from the May long weekend to the end of June. This will be a prime spot for introducing and marketing local creations. So plan ahead, take time to take in the show as it hangs now until June 29. Start thinking about your submission for next year’s Harbour Days art opening. The museum will be open from 1 pm to 5 pm daily starting June