Don’t miss Skidegate Days

  • Jul. 15, 2009 6:00 a.m.

If fun is what you seek, then make sure you attend Skidegate Days this year as it is shaping up to be an awesome event for all ages.The three-day event, beginning today (July 16), has many unique attractions including a fish splitting contest and a youth mud run.One event held last year proved so popular it is being held again this year. The ‘Amazing Race’ will begin at 11 am Saturday and run to 3 pm at the booth located near the children’s section.”It is much like the show where people will be given clues and tasks that they have to complete before moving on, the best times will be awarded a spot on the racing canoes, and there will be other prizes as well,” said Natalie Fournier, coordinator of the event. “It will involve not only a physical component but also memory, reason, dexterity, and skill components.”The race will take 45 minutes to an hour to complete, and will not be overly physically challenging according to Ms Fournier, who also said that last year it was a big hit, and the team names were hilarious. Anyone looking for more info can contact Natalie at 250-559-7743.Another event is the lost Haida games.”It is meant to introduce people to them so they are familiar with them as we will also be hosting games at the Kaay Centre anniversary this year,” said Ryde Harding, who is coordinating the event. “There will be gambling sticks where people will bet on the which pile the djil (a long cylindrical, unmarked stick) will end up in, and these bets can be for anything from rocks to entire villages historically, it can last all day, and it is definitely a high stakes game.” There will also be Haida dice – odd-shaped die usually carved out of turnips – that people can try out. Another game sure to engage youth as well as adults is the ‘laughing game’.”The laughing game will be fun,” said Ms Harding. “It is a very involved game that engages the crowd as well as the participants as the point of it is to get the opposing team to laugh and thereby lose their stick of gum. Again it is a high stakes game and anything can be bet. It will be good practice for the upcoming Kaay Centre anniversary as we will be looking for teams to participate then as well.”The very popular canoe races will begin at noon on Saturday and will have some good prizes for the winners such as cash and a fine dining experience for the whole winning team to be provided by Haala Ga Taa.The three days of celebration and events will be capped off with a dance that anyone over 19 can attend on Saturday evening.