Double Christmas miracle touches Queen Charlotte’s woman’s heart

  • Dec. 24, 2008 5:00 p.m.

It was a double miracle involving a fair bit of money, and it happened in Queen Charlotte just a week before Christmas. Faye Beaulieu, well known to villagers for her work with the ambulance service, lost a wad of money and her driver’s licence. It happened the evening of Monday December 8, when in the cold and rain, she rushed into City Centre to pick up a couple of things just before closing time. She parked where she always does, in the parking lot close to the road, and when she came out of the store, still in a rush to get home, she tossed her purse, which contained $730 cash plus her licence, onto the seat. Turns out the purse got there, but the money – all of it, all earmarked for Christmas presents – did not. But Faye didn’t find out that it was missing until two days later, when she tried to deposit it in the bank. “Wednesday, I go to the Credit Union, and I have none,” she said, “My purse was empty, the truck was empty, my car was empty. I checked everywhere.” She put up a sign at the post office saying she had lost her Christmas shopping money, but despaired that she’d ever see it again. Then came a message on her answering machine. But the machine wasn’t working too well, and she didn’t get the name of the caller or the number to call. Finally, she figured it out, played phone tag for a day or so, and then “just before supper on Wednesday night, I get a call from Marilyn Wilkins. She told me she had my money,” Faye said. Turns out the wad of bills had remained on the City Centre parking lot overnight, the same night Faye lost it, and Marilyn found it the next morning. Faye says she’s surprised, and surmises the rain must have made the bills soggy so they didn’t blow away. As well, the spot where they were dropped is right beside the road, and they could easily have been picked up by a passerby and not returned. But that’s not how this story ends. Faye got the money back, every last penny, along with her licence.”How’s that for a Christmas miracle. Number one, that she found it, number two, that I got it back, Faye said. “I just think that, wow, it’s amazing, it’s a Christmas miracle, and it saved my Christmas,” she said. Who says miracles don’t happen? Who says they don’t happen at Christmas? Who says they don’t happen on Haida Gwaii. Merry Christmas one and all!