Economic Development Society adopts communications strategy

  • Nov. 28, 2008 8:00 p.m.

Submitted by the Misty Islands Economic Development Society–The Misty Isles Economic Development Society has adopted a communications strategy that ensures accountability and transparency to the community while maintaining board meetings as a place to conduct business activities. “The MIEDS Board is a volunteer board comprised of community leaders who wear many hats and have busy schedules in their respective communities. The agendas for Board meetings are full, and we recognise that in order to maximize our time and make good use of public dollars, it is imperative that we get down to business in those meetings. That is our purpose. That is what we are here to do,” said Anneli Rosteski, Executive Director. One of those business activities is the partnership with the Haida Nation to examine the business case for purchasing TFL 39. MIEDS representatives recently returned from meetings in Vancouver with Ministers Pat Bell and Colin Hansen where MIEDS reported on organizational activities, and brought the ministers’ attention to the request for a community forest, forest road improvements, implementation of the hotel/sports fishing tax for island funding, and local agriculture initiatives.MIEDS recognizes economic development works best when it’s community-driven. The communications strategy addresses that need for grassroots involvement. Therefore, MIEDS is identifying committees to guide and direct economic activities. These will include community members and one or more representatives from MIEDS who will report back to the board. MIEDS is establishing a website to share information and expects to have an office open early in the new year. A newsletter will be circulated in December. To receive updates electronically, please email