Extra sailings for Logger Sports Day

  • Jul. 28, 2006 8:00 a.m.

BC Ferries will provide an extra sailing Saturday night (July 29) at 11:00 pm from Alliford Bay to enable Graham Islanders to enjoy the Loggers Sports Day dance and the excellent Sandspit hospitality for an extra hour.
The Sandspit Harbour Inn will provide bus service to Sandspit from Alliford Bay for the 10:00 am sailing from Skidegate Landing with return service for the extra late sailing at 11:00 pm from Alliford Bay. Departure time for the bus to get on the extra late sailing will be 10:30 pm at the Sandspit Community Hall.
Logger Sports Day is all set for Saturday in Sandspit, with the parade at 10:45 am, events starting at noon.