Facebook popular with councils

  • May. 25, 2009 3:00 p.m.

Old Massett Village Council, the Village of Queen Charlotte and the Council of the Haida Nation are among the organizations on the islands that have turned to social networking site facebook to give out information and stimulate discussion. Queen Charlotte’s facebook page was launched just two weeks ago and has already attracted 168 members from across Canada, many comments (“*sigh* i so miss the charlottes :(” is one of the latest) and several photos from the village’s early days. Village employee Isabel Lovis helped put the site together and said everyone is happy with the reaction so far. “Eunice (the village administrator) mentioned it would be good to get it on there so more people could get to know about Queen Charlotte,” Ms Lovis said. “Everybody is quite pleased with it.” The village’s site attracted at least one member completely new to the world of facebook: mayor Carol Kulesha joined Monday. “This is a real learning experience for me,” Ms Kulesha said. “It’s a great way to communicate… I’ve known about facebook but I hadn’t had a real reason to join until now.”