Faster internet delayed

  • Sep. 4, 2013 12:00 p.m.

A construction delay means that islanders will have to wait a few more weeks for faster internet service. GwaiiTel had originally forecast that a new radio link with the mainland would be complete around the end of August. But GwaiiTel administrator Paul Daniell said this week that there has been an unexpected delay. “Unfortunately, we are having challenges with rock drilling that is needed for the tower foundation on Mount Hays, at the Prince Rupert end,” Mr. Daniell said. “A job that contractors expected to complete in 3-4 days… has taken more than four weeks. We are now expecting to have the link up for the end of September.” The tower in Old Massett is pretty much complete and ready to go, he added. The radio link will provide an additional 360 megabits/second, a significant increase from the 70 mbps that the islands now receive through a Telus-owned radio link.