Ferries eyes three lots in Skidegate Landing

  • Feb. 8, 2008 10:00 a.m.

BC Ferries is applying for a licence of occupation on three lots of crown land adjacent to its Skidegate Landing ferry terminal just in case it needs the extra space in the future, says spokesperson Deborah Marshall. The land became available because of a “foreclosure situation”, Ms Marshall said. It wasn’t land BC Ferries was counting on having. “It’s a strategic maneuver,” she explained. “You just don’t know what your future needs are going to be.” Ms Marshall said the ferry corporation is nearing the end of a strategic planning process for the Skidegate terminal which will outline what the facility will look like over the next 25 years. That plan should be complete by the end of March. Meanwhile, the approaching summer season will be the last for the Queen of Prince Rupert. The 42-year-old ship will be retired as soon as the brand new Northern Expedition arrives on the north coast next spring, Ms Marshall said. Starting with the summer 2009 season, BC Ferries plans to use the Northern Adventure to serve the Skidegate-Rupert route and the Northern Expedition on the Rupert-Port Hardy route. In the winter, the Northern Expedition will serve both routes, she said. There’s no word yet on what will happen to the QPR after it’s no longer needed by BC Ferries. The corporation recently offered some retired southern ferries for sale, and it’s possible the QPR will be offered for sale also, Ms Marshall said.