Ferries to stop selling prepaid paper tickets

  • Jul. 21, 2008 1:00 p.m.

BC Ferries will not be selling pre-paid paper tickets after July 31 on most of its minor routes, including Skidegate-Alliford Bay. The ferry corporation said that prepaid paper tickets are no longer required now that passengers can use the BC Ferries Experience card, an electronic prepayment card similar to a debit card. Customers can get the same reduced fares as prepaid tickets as long as they load at least $75 on their card for vehicle and driver trips, or at least $40 for passenger-only trips. BC Ferries said it eventually plans to use the card as a method of payment on all routes and for all its products, including gift shop and cafeteria purchases. People who still have paper tickets can continue to use them, but may have to pay extra to cover any future fuel surcharges.