Field trip-with a difference!

  • Oct. 29, 2010 11:00 a.m.

G.M. Dawson Secondary is giving some students the chance to go on a very different kind of field trip this fall: a deer hunting trip in the Cape Fife area. School trustees approved the field trip proposal at their Oct. 26 meeting, saying the hunting trip looks well-organized and safe, and should be an exciting opportunity for the students. The trip is scheduled to take place next week, weather permitting. About six students and their participating teachers will hike out on the Cape Fife trail to the cabin there, while two adults drive the equipment out in four-wheel drive vehicles. The group will hunt for deer the next morning, and return to Masset that afternoon. If the hunt is successful, the students will help prepare and process the deer. The meat and perhaps the skins will be used by the school. Students will not handle firearms, superintendent Angus Wilson said, and the ammunition will be kept locked up when not in use. The four adults going on the trip are all qualified and experienced hunters. “The students will not be using weapons or handling firearms in any way,” Mr. Wilson said. “But even though the students will not be handling weapons, they will receive training in the proper use of firearms.” Trustees said they thought the hunting trip was a great idea, given that many islanders hunt for deer, and that venison is a healthy local meat.